Getting Here


Please note you will need $6 for the tollbooths including change. The last tollbooth is not manned and you will need 50c in change for this one. If you are in a rental car you can just drive thru and the charge will come later on your credit card although it will carry a rental company surcharge


1.   The car rental section is on one floor lower than customs and immigration


2.   Follow the exit signs choosing the red south exit to the SR417 South. 


3.   Follow the red signs until you are approaching SR417


4.   The SR417 South sign is actually a right turn  ( going straight on will take you on the SR417 North ).


5.    Continue on the SR417 South until you get to Exit 2 to Celebration Avenue ( This will take approximately 40 minutes ).


6.   Turn off the SR417 at EXIT 2  ( Celebration ) and go through the auto tollbooth ( 50c change only ) Through the toll booth turn RIGHT at the junction.


7.   Go through one set of traffic lights and then turn at the junction ( second set of traffic lights ) at the intersection of the US192, turn left onto US192 WEST.


8.   Follow the US192 West for approximately 9 miles passing a number of intersections. There are plenty of supermarkets, restaurants etc along the US192.


9.   At the end of of the US192 you need to be in the right hand side lane to go right onto US Route 27.


10.  As soon as you join Route 27 you will need to get into the left hand side lane to get to the slip road to turn back and drive south on Route 27


11.  Upon turning round on Route 27 the turning for High Grove Resort will be the second turn off on your right.


12. Follow Summer Place Loop round either left or right until you see Caribbean Breeze Way.